Sunday 25th June 2017-6:50:pm
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The 2017 School Bus Pass for those students who are deemed eligible by Transport for NSW for free travel will be mailed to the student’s postal address.  Passes will be received after the start of the school year.

If you have not updated details for students in Year 3 or Year 7 or if you received a letter from Transport for NSW about an expired entitlement please submit a NEW APPLICATION online. 

If you already have approval for 2017 and need to change address, school or transport operator then you will need to UPDATE STUDENT DETAILS online.  Please disregard the reference to Opal Card Number when updating details for a BUS PASS just provide the students details, current school and date of birth.

Links to the Transport for NSW online forms are available from the home page on this website.

School Term Passes

Discounted Term Passes are available for all non-eligible students from our office.  These passes can be purchased over the phone, by visiting us in the depot or by emailing, posting or faxing us the Term Pass Application Form

Screen Tips for Online Applications

 What if the Bus Operator is not on the nominated transport operator list?

If your Bus Operator does not come up on the nominated list of operators then you can manually add that Bus Operator. Please see guide below.

Roadworks will be closing Macwood Rd, Smiths Lake during the first half of 2017.  Students and residents in this area will need to catch the bus either at the Macwood/Matthew corner or the Macwood/The Jack corner, and our drivers will advise regular passengers. Bus 307 and School runs 1, 3, 17 and 18 will return via The Jack / Box Tree Rd / Matthew Rd. In addition Run 18 will enter Smiths Lake via Harcourt / Charles / The Jack.   Please contact our office on 6554 6431 with any queries about these temporary changes.