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General Links

Griffith City Council - Phone: (02) 6962 8100

The thriving City of Griffith is the regional centre of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area an abundant, picturesque oasis in an area which the explorer John Oxley described in 1817 as being "uninhabitable and useless to civilised man". Proclaimed a City in 1987, Griffith, with its modern shops, sophisticated boutiques, international restaurants, clubs, tourist attractions, leisure, recreational accommodation facilities, bursts vitality friendly warmth.

School Links

Beelbangera Public School - Phone: 6963 5368

Our school is committed to providing worthwhile, quality, appropriate and stimulating educational, intellectual, physical and social experiences for its students. The school motto, "Strive For the Best", reflects the belief that each person's "best" will be different, but it is all that we can ask. The school strives to overcome it's relative isolation by encouraging its students to participate in a variety of activities which involve interaction with students from other schools. The school has a reputation for active parental and community involvement.

Marian Catholic College - Phone: 6962 4655

Marian Catholic College prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution is recognised and appreciated.

Griffith East Public School - Phone: 6962 1804

Our school aims to encourage lasting responsible attitudes and values, through a learning environment that is happy, safe, positive and challenging to the individual. There is an expectation that community, parents, teachers and students will work together striving for excellence. Griffith East Public School nurtures and develops children to maximise their full potential. The school has an Italian Community Language Program involving the students from Year 3 to Year 6. This program reflects the large percentage of students with an Italian background.

Griffith High School - Phone: 6962 1711

Griffith High School is a comprehensive high school committed to providing quality education and support for our 750 students. Our students represent many different cultural groups and our multicultural nature is a source of great pride and energy. Our students have considerable success in academic, sporting and cultural areas. We have a very supportive P&C who are committed to raising funds to build a Performing Arts Centre. Students at Griffith High School are educated by a fully qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff. Their welfare is ensured through a variety of programs and the work of caring specialists. Students receive a first rate comprehensive education with a well defined emphasis on technology and the use of computers.

Griffith Public School - Phone: 6962 3199

The school provides quality education for a diverse community of ethnic, Aboriginal, urban and rural students. Our student welfare programs aim to support students in an exemplary manner. Support and extension classes are provided to cater for individual needs. Students needing support for learning difficulties and English as a Second Language receive this help from a special learning team. Our school is committed to providing a safe, caring and challenging environment. It seeks to empower pupils, staff and community by involving them in the decision making process. Emphasis is placed on teachers providing relevant and stimulating programs, achievement in literacy and numeracy, and personal fulfilment for its students and teachers.

Hanwood Public School - Phone: 6963 0297

Hanwood Public School, Griffith's oldest school, has a h4 sense of history and civic pride, and enjoys active community support. The school's enhancing qualities include: its manageable size of around 200 students; a focus on student welfare and environment; consistently sound academic achievement; caring, well adjusted student population; initiatives in multicultural education, perceptual motor programs and technology.

Kalinda School - Phone: 6962 3271

Kalinda School seeks a quality of life for its students based on their individual needs and their right to participate fully as equals.

Lake Wyangan Public School - Phone: 6962 3217

Lake Wyangan PS strives to meet the needs of all students in a planned, supporting and stimulating environment. We have a commitment to the principles of equity and cultural diversity. Our school provides a safe, caring and challenging educational setting, which values the individual, and encourages students to develop to their full potential.

St Mary's Primary School (Yoogali) - Phone: 6962 2224

Educates children from kindergarten to year 6.

St Patrick's Primary School Griffith - Phone: 6964 2888

In keeping with the evangelising Mission of the Catholic Church, St Patrick's School Community. Is committed to Jesus Christ and His gospel. Knows and celebrates our Catholic faith tradition. Educates the whole person: body, spirit, heart and mind. Promotes education in the service of a better world. Provides children with reasons for living. hoping and loving this new millennium. Educates children to take their place in an ever changing society.

Wade High School - Phone: 6962 4022

Wade High School was established in 1971 as the second state, comprehensive, coeducational high school in Griffith. It has spacious, well maintained grounds and good facilities to promote student learning. The school has a special focus on teaching languages and provides an extensive vocational education program. Students regularly gain high academic results in external examinations in languages and in many other Key Learning Areas (KLAs). Wade High School strives to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and service to the community. The school aims to use all its staff, parent, community and teaching resources to care for the needs of all students and provide the best possible education for every student. Our motto is: "Towards a Better World".

Yoogali Public School - Phone: 6962 4540

Our school: provides individual care to encourage sharing, cooperation and tolerance; provides an attractive, secure, positive and calm environment for teaching and learning; fosters active and responsible citizenship; emphasises cooperation within the school community; and strives for excellence in the delivery of and support for all its programs.