Special School Services at 25-September-2020

The Scots School

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Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:15 Special To Blue Ridge Drive - Start Town Service From O'connell & Blue Ridge
  7:50 Howick, (L)William, (L)Russell, (L)Havannah
  7:55 (R)Sydney Rd, (R)Napolean, (L)Christie, (R)Nelson
  8:03 Raglan Public School
  8:03 (L)Landseer, (L)Nile, (R)Frome, (L)Eugenie
  8:07 (L)Sydney Rd, (R)Ashworth
  8:10 (R)Emerald, (R)1st Sapphire, (L)Emerald, (R)Ashworth (L)Bonner, (L)Tyndall, (L)Bannerman, (L)Bonner, (R)Boyd
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Transfer to AM09
  7:55 (L)Russell, (L)Fishs, (R)Gormans Hill
  7:59 (R)Russell, (L)Havannah, (R)Lambert, (L)Bentinck, (L)Rocket, (R)Havannah
  8:03 (R)Brilliant, (R)Stewart, (R)Durham, (L)George
  8:08 Continue Hereford, (R)Gilmour, (L)Tandora, (L)Jagoe, (R)Illumba, (L)Miriyan, (L)Morang, (L)Boyd
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Transfer to AM09
  6:40 Special To Acropole Bus Terminus
  7:50 Howick, (R)George - Hereford, (L)Gilmour
  7:57 (L) Eleven Mile, (R)Thomas,
  8:01 (L) Eleven Mile, (R) Gilmour, (L)Laffing Waters, (L)Mcgill, (L)Halfpenny, (R)James Barnett, (L)Laffing Waters, (L)Marriott, (L)Federation, (R)Laffing Waters, (L)Gilmour, (L)Tareena, (L)Alcheringa, (R)Tandora
  8:15 (L)Kabbera, (L)Miriyan 2nd, (R)Morang, (L)Boyd
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Transfer to AM09
  7:49 (L)William, (R)Brilliant, (R)Stewart, (L)Rocket, (R)Alexander
  8:00 (L)Suttor, (R)Bradwardine, (L)Evernden, (L)Colville
  8:05 (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman, (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor, (L)Mitre, (R)Russell
  8:15 (L)Peel St, (R)Howick, (L)Stewart, (R)Durham, Continue Sydney Rd, (L)Boyd
  8:20 Kelso Public School
  8:20 Continue Boyd St
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Pick up AM01, AM05, AM07, AM11, AM12
  8:25 (R)Boyd, (L)View, (L)Sydney Rd, (R)Littlebourne, (R) Scots
  8:30 The Scots School
  8:00 (R)Russell, (L)Havannah
  8:03 (L)College, (L)Currawong
  8:05 (R)Lloyds Rd, (L)Bant, (L)Rose, (R)Prospect
  8:10 (R)Busby, (L)Torch, (L)Rocket, (R)Seymour
  8:13 Centennial Park
  8:14 Continue Seymour, (R)Piper St, (L)Havannah, (L)Howick
  8:17 (L)William, (L)Russell, (L)Havannah, (R)Sydney Rd, (L)Boyd
  8:24 Kelso Public School
  8:24 Continue Boyd St
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Transfer to AM09
  7:40 Lyal, (R)Russell, (R)Havannah, (L)Durham -Eglinton, (L)Westbourne
  7:50 Westbourne, (R)Ophir, (L)Joubert, (L)Carlyle, (R)Westbourne, (L)Everden, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Eglinton - Durham - Sydney Rd, (R)Littlebourne
  8:05 (R)Blue Ridge, Continue Around Blue Ridge, (R)Blue Ridge Drive, (L) O'connell Rd
  8:15 The Scots School
  8:15 (L)O'connell Rd, (L)Lee, (L)White Rock Rd, (L)Claremont Drive
  8:18 Turn Around Claremont Drive, (R)White Rock Rd, (R)Lee,(L)Littlebourne, (L)Sydney Rd, (R)View, (R)Boyd
  8:25 Kelso High School
  8:25 Transfer to AM09

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:50 Pick up from PM09
  3:50 (R)Boyd, (L)Bonner, (R)Tyndall, (L)Bannerman, (R)Bonnor, (R)Ashworth
  3:54 (R)Emerald, (R)Sapphire, (L)Emerald, (L)Ashworth, (L)Sydney , (R)Napolean
  3:59 (L)Frome, (R)Nelson, (L)Landseer, (L)Eugenie, (L)Godfrey, (R)Locke, (R)Christie, (L)Eugenie, (L)Sydney Rd
  3:55 Pick up from PM09
  3:55 Continue Havannah
  4:00 Continue Havannah, (R)Brilliant
  4:00 St Stanislaus College
  4:00 Continue Brilliant, Continue Vittoria, Mitchell Hwy, (L)Cardina
  4:07 Wentworth Estate
  4:07 (L)Hartwood - Turn Around At End - Continue Back Along Hartwood To Bus Shelter Then Continue Hartwood- Turn Around At Arabella - Hartwood (L)Cardina, (R)Mitchell Hwy, (L)Bradwardine
  4:15 Continue Bradwardine, (L)Evernden, (L)Colville, (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman
  4:20 (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor-Lambert, (L)Havannah, (R)Russell, (L)Lyal
  3:25 The Scots School
  3:25 Transfer to PM09
  3:25 (L)Littlebourne, (R)Sydney Rd, (L)Ashworth, (L)Bonnor, (R)Boyd
  3:35 Kelso High School
  3:35 Continue Boyd St, (R)Sydney Rd, (L)Havannah, (R) Howick
  3:43 Opposite Carrington Park
  3:45 Acropole Interchange
  3:45 (L) William, (L) Russell
  3:48 Mackillop College
  3:48 (R)Gormans Hill, (R)Lloyds, (L)Vale, (L)Bridge, (L)Bathurst St, (R)Apsley,(R)Rockley St, (R)Tenison Woods Ave
  4:00 Perthville Public School
  4:00 Transfer to PM22
  4:00 (R)Bridge St, (R)Vale Rd, (R)Lloyds Rd, (L)Gormans Hill
  4:20 Mackillop College
  4:20 Gormans Hill - Russell, (R)Lyal
  3:50 Pick up from PM09
  3:50 (R)Boyd, (R)Morang, (L)Miriyan, (L)Kabbera, (L)Tandora, (L)Alcheringa, (R)Tareena, (R)Gilmour, (R)Laffing Waters, (L)Mcgill, (L)Halfpenny
  3:55 (R)James Barnett, (L)Laffing Waters, (L)Marriott, (L)Federation, (R)Laffing Waters, (L)Gilmour, (R)Hereford, Continue George, (L)Russell, (L)Seymour, (L)Howick
  3:30 The Scots School
  3:30 Pick up from PM03
  3:30 (R)O'connell, (R)Blue Ridge, Follow Blue Ridge Dr Around, (L)Blue Ridge Drive , (L)O'connell, Continue Littlebourne, (L)Sydney, (R)View, (R)Boyd
  3:50 Kelso High School
  3:50 Transfer to PM01, PM07, PM17
  3:50 (R) Boyd, (R)Sydney Rd, (L) Havannah,
  3:55 Havannah Street Opposite Morse Park
  3:55 Transfer to PM02
  3:55 Havannah, (R)Durham, (L)Peel, (R)Howick, (L)Hope
  4:00 (R)Russell,(R)Mitre, (L)Howick,(L)Macquarie, (R)West, (L)Esrom, (L)Keppel, (R)Mitre, (R)Suttor, (R)Bradwardine, (L)Evernden
  4:20 (L)Colville, (L)Suttor, (R)Opperman, (R)Larkin, (L)Bradwardine, (R)Suttor, (R)Alexander, (L)Mitchell Hwy-Brilliant, (L)Havannah, (R)Russell, (L)Lyal
  3:50 Pick up from PM09
  3:50 (L)Limekilns Rd, (L)Hughes, (R)Roxburgh, (R)Mcgregor, (R)Lister, (L)Mcbrien
  3:55 (L)Tweed, (R)Hughes, (L)Marsden
  4:00 (L)Ilumba, (R)Willow, (L)Marsden, (R)Gilmour, (R)Eltham, (R)Graham, (L)Redding, (R)Mendel, (R)Mcgillan, (L)Graham, (R)Brennan
  4:15 (R)Wentworth, (L)Garrett, (R)Barker, (L)Garrett, (L)Wentworth, (L)Graham, (L)Eltham, (L)Gilmour, (R)Sydney Rd, (L)Havannah, (L)Russell, (L)Lyal
  4:50 Lyal, (R)Russell, (L)Havannah, (R)Brilliant
  4:55 St Stanislaus College
  4:55 Brilliant, (R)Seymour, (R)Rocket, (L)Havannah, (R)Railway (Pick Up Passengers For Lithgow), (R)Havannah, (L)Howick
  5:02 Acropole Bus Terminus
  5:35 Special To Acropole
  4:05 Pick up from PM03
  4:05 Rockley, (R)Bridge, (L)Trunkey Creek Rd
  4:12 Georges Plains
  4:12 (L)Cow Flat Rd, Continue Cow Flat Rd
  4:21 Opp Magills Quarry Driveway
  4:21 Continue Cow Flat Rd, (R)Rockley Rd
  4:30 Cnr James White Dr & Rockley Rd
  4:30 Rockley Police Station
  4:32 (R)Hill St, (R)Pepper, Continue Parkes, Continue Rockley, Triangle Flat - Glenoval Turn Around Boomori
  4:45 Triangle Flat - Parkes - Hill, (R)Rockley Rd
  5:00 (L)Bridge, (R)Vale, (R)Lloyds, (L)Gormans Hill, (R)Lyal
  5:05 Arrive Depot - Bathurst
  5:15 Finish Depot - Bathurst