Special School Services at 09-March-2021

Mian School

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Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:35 Special To Cbd Ciy Centre Bus Zone - (L)White, (L)Erskine, (L)Bligh, (L)Wingewarra, (L)Macquarie
  7:45 Macquarie, (R)Talbragar, (L)Darling, (R)Myall, (R)Fitzroy, (L)Erskine, (R)White, (L)Welchman, (L)Myall
  7:55 (R)Cobbora, (R)Columbia, (L)Collins, (R)Braun, (L)Myall,
  8:00 (L)Websdale, (R)Murrayfield, (L)Eden Park, (R)Jack William, (R)Murrayfield, (L)Sarah, (R)St Georges Tce, (R)Myall
  8:07 (L)Davidson, (R)Leichhardt, (R)Lawson, (L)Oxley, (R)Wentworth, (L)Wheelers
  8:13 Mall, Wheelers, (L)Cobra, (L)Windsor Pde Access
  8:15 (R)Windsor, (R)Falconer, (R)St Albans Wy, (L)York, (L)Sheraton, (L)Birch
  8:25 Wingewarra, (L)Darling, (R)Cobra, (R)Whylandra, (L)Alfred, (L)North, (R)Baird, (R)Currawong
  8:35 Macquarie Anglican Grammar School
  8:35 Currawong, (L)Baird, (L)Springfield, (L)Baird, (R)North
  8:40 St Pius X Primary School {First Set Down}
  8:42 North
  8:45 Dubbo West Public School
  8:46 North, (R)Minore, (L)St Andrews - Grangewood, (R)Joira
  8:52 (R)Minore, (L)Alcheringa, (R)East
  8:54 East
  8:55 St Pius X Primary School
  8:55 Dubbo West Public School
  8:57 East, (L)Whylandra, (R)Victoria - Cobra, (L)Bourke, (L)Arthur
  9:09 Mian School
  7:45 (L)White, (L)Cobbora, (L)Fitzroy, (R)Cobra, (L)Darling, (L)Macquarie, (L)Boundary
  8:00 (R)Dalton, (L)Heather, (R)Fitzroy, (L)Hammond, (L)Keane, (R)Fairview, (L)Palmer, (R)High
  8:10 (R)Margaret, (L)Boundary, (L)Rosella, (R)Kingfisher, (L)Wheelers, (R)Mitchell Hwy, (R)Sheraton
  8:20 St Johns College
  8:20 St Johns Primary School
  8:20 (R)Sheraton
  8:20 Dubbo Christian School
  8:20 (L)Sheraton, (R)Colony, (R)Colony, (R)Waverly, (L)Lakeland, (L)Myall
  8:25 (L)Sheraton, (R)Davidson, (L)Leichhardt, (R)Lawson, (L)Oxley, (R)Wentworth, (L)Wheelers
  8:35 (L)Birch, (R)Sheraton, (R)York, (R)St Albans Wy, (L)Falconer, (L)Windsor, (R)Royal, (L)Coronation, (R)Windsor, (L)Birch, (L)Wheelers
  8:45 Wheelers, (R)Kingfisher, (L)Rosella, (R)Boundary
  8:51 Dubbo College South Campus
  8:51 (L)Boundary, (L)Dalton, (L)Heather, (R)Fitzroy, (L)Hammond, (L)Keane, (R)Fairview, (L)Palmer
  8:55 (R)Boundary, (L)Margaret, (L)High, (R)Palmer, (L)Tamworth, (R)Darling, (L)Bultje, (R)Brisbane - (Set Down Town Passengers Opposite Rsl Club), (R)Wingewarra
  9:08 Dubbo Public School
  9:08 Wingewarra, (R)Bourke, (R)Arthur
  9:10 Mian School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:34 Mian School
  3:34 Arthur, (L)Darling, (R)Bultje, (R)Brisbane, (R)Wingewarra
  3:37 Dubbo Public School
  3:37 Pick up from PM19
  3:40 Wingewarra, (R)Darling, (R)Cobra, (L)Whylandra, (R)Baird, (L)North
  3:45 St Pius X Primary School
  3:45 North
  3:47 Dubbo West Public School
  3:48 North, (R)Wattle, (R)Odonnell, (L)East
  3:50 Dubbo College Delroy Campus
  3:50 (R)East
  3:52 East, (R)Alcheringa
  3:55 (R)Minore, (L)St Andrews - Grangewood, (L)Joira, (L)Blackbutt, (L)Glenabbey "U" Turn At Roundabout Cnr Of Glenabbey And Cavelle
  4:05 Special To Depot
  4:05 Pick up from PM19
  4:05 Sheraton, (R)Myall - Whitewood
  4:10 (L)Harefield, (R)Debeaufort U Turn At End Of Debeaufort - Continue Debeaufort, (L)Harefield
  4:20 (L) Whitewood, (L) Torryburn - Turn Around At The End Of Torryburn - Torryburn
  4:25 (L)Whitewood, (R)Beni Road U Turn Beni Road, (R)Whitewood U Turn Whitewood- Myall
  4:35 Special To Depot
  4:05 Pick up from PM19
  4:05 (L)Sheraton, (R)Myall - Whitewood
  4:10 (R)Peachville, (L)Pinedale, (R)Torwood, (L)Eulomogo
  4:15 (R)Wilfred Smith -Turn Around At The Bottom Wilfred Smith, (R)Eulomogo
  4:25 Eulomogo - Turn Around At Mail Boxes, Eulomogo
  4:30 (R)Mitchell Hwy - Cobra, (R)Wheelers
  4:35 (L)Myall, (L)Welchman, (R)White
  2:55 Mian School
  2:55 Arthur, (L)Darling, (L)Bultje, (R)Fitzroy
  2:59 St Laurences Primary School
  2:59 Fitzroy St, (L)Macquarie St, (L)Hennessy Dr, (L)Wheelers Ln, (L)Boundary Rd, (R)Fitzroy
  3:08 Dubbo South Public School
  3:22 (R)Tamworth, (R)Palmer, (R)Boundary
  3:25 Dubbo College South Campus
  3:26 (L)Boundary, (R)Fitzroy
  3:29 Fitzroy, (L)Bultje, (R)Brisbane, (R)Wingewarra
  3:37 Dubbo Public School
  3:37 Transfer to PM21, PM09
  3:37 Drop Pipeband Hall Students
  3:37 Wingewarra, (R)George
  3:38 Central West Leadership Academy
  3:38 George, (L)Butlje, (L)Fitzroy, (R)Wingewarra, (R)Alder, (L)Oak
  3:44 Orana Heights Public School
  3:45 Oak, (L)Wheelers - U - Turn At Birch, Wheelers
  3:45 Wheelers, (L)Cobra, (L)Windsor Parade Access, (L)Windsor, (R)Royal, (R)Buckingham, (L)Edinburgh, (R)Birch, (R)Sheraton
  3:54 St Johns College
  3:55 (R)Sheraton
  3:56 Dubbo Christian School
  3:56 (L)Sheraton, (R) Castlereagh, (L) Shoalhaven, (L) Lachlan, (R) Sheraton
  4:04 Interchange Location Sheraton & Davidson
  4:05 Transfer to PM12, PM18
  4:05 (R)Myall, (R)Sth Buninyong, (L)Mitchell Hwy, (R)Bencubbin
  4:17 (L)Kurrajong - U - Turn Kurrajong, (R)Bencubbin, (L)Mitchell Hwy, (R)Eulomogo
  4:24 (L)Toorale, (L)Trilby, (L)Numbardie - U - Turn Numbardie, (R)Trilby, (L)Toorale, (L)Delalah Downs, (L)Janina, (L)Mooculta - U - Turn Bottom Of Mooculta Mooculta, (R)Janina, (R)Delalah Downs, (L)Toorale, (L)Wilfred Smith, (L)Eulomogo
  4:39 Special To Depot
  5:00 Finish Depot - Dubbo
  3:55 Pick up from PM19
  3:55 Wingewarra, (L)Darling, (L)Erskine - Whylandra, (R)Baird, (L)North
  4:03 St Pius X Primary School
  4:03 (R) East
  4:05 Dubbo College Delroy Campus
  4:05 (R)East, (R) North
  4:10 Dubbo West Public School
  4:10 North, (R) Minore, (R)Baird, (L)Lansdowne, (L)Champagne, (L)Minore
  4:15 (R)St Andrews Dr-Grangewood Dr, (L) Joira, (L) Blackbutt, (R) Newell Hwy
  4:20 (R) Rifle Range Road
  4:25 (L) Carben Road, (L) Sappa Bulga Road, (R)Newell Hwy
  4:30 (R)Ascot Park "U" Turn At End Of Ascot Park
  4:35 Ascot Park, (R)Newell Hwy
  4:37 Dungary Road Stop
  4:40 Station Yards Stop (Yarrabah)
  4:42 (R) Into Truck Stop At Panai Ave, (R)Newell Highway
  4:43 Ten Mile Lane Stop
  4:45 (R)Into Truck Stop, Tinks Road, (R)Newell Highway
  4:50 Mountain Creek Road Stop
  4:56 Days Road Stop
  5:00 Belowrie Road Stop
  5:05 "The Piggery" Tantiha & Momo Road Stop
  5:10 Wards Road Stop
  5:12 Obley Road Stop
  5:13 Arrive Tomingley - Stop At Park
  5:13 Continue Newell Highway To Peak Hill
  5:27 Arrive Peak Hill, (R)Euchie, Set Down Peak Hill Central School Then Aps Road House
  5:27 Depart Peak Hill And Return To Depot
  6:26 Arrive Deport
  6:40 Finish Depot - Dubbo