Special School Services at 30-October-2020

St Stanislaus College (Bathurst)

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  6:55 Special To Albert/Coalbrook St
  7:11 (R)Great Western Hwy, (R)Barton, (R)Black Bridge, (L)Pipers Flat , (R)Wolgan
  7:40 (L)Vale (Portland Rsl), (L)Cox, (R)Villiers, (L)Lime, (R)Sunny Corner, (L)Meadow Flat Sunny Corner
  7:55 (R)Great Western Hwy, 8.02 Yetholme Service Station, (L)O'connell
  8:20 The Scots School (Bathurst)
  8:20 (L)Great Western Hwy, (R)View, (R)Boyd
  8:26 Kelso High School
  8:27 Boyd, (R)Great Western Hwy, (L)Havannah, (L)Russell
  8:35 Mackillop College (Bathurst)
  8:35 (L)Russell, (L)Havannah, (L)Bathurst Railway Station, (L)Havannah, (R)Brilliant
  8:40 St Stanislaus College (Bathurst)

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:30 St Stanislaus College (Bathurst)
  3:30 (R)Stewart, (L)Lambert
  3:35 (R)Mitre,
  3:40 The Assumption Primary School
  3:40 (R)Durham , (L)Boyd
  3:45 Denison College Of Secondary Education -Kelso High
  3:45 (L)View,(L)Great Western Highway, (R)Littlebourne
  3:55 The Scots School (Bathurst)
  3:55 Littlebourne, (R)Great Western Highway, 4.14 Yetholme Service Station 4.20 Meadow Flat
  4:20 (L)Sunny Corner, (R)Sunny Corner, (R)Portland, (L)Lime, (R)Villiers, (L)Cox
  4:35 (L)Vale, (Portland Rsl), (R)Wolgan, (L)Wallerawang, - Pipers Flat, (R)Black Bridge, (L)Barton, (L)Great Western Hwy, (L)Reserve Rd, Turn Around- Reserve Rd, (L)Great Western Hwy
  4:55 Dunns Cnr (Main) 4.58 Westfund 5.00 Opp. Court House Hotel, (L)Tank To Lithgow Workmen's Club, (R)Donald
  5:05 Arrive Lithgow Depot
  4:55 St Stanislaus College (Bathurst)
  4:55 Catch Bathurst Bus PM17 To Acropole - Transfer To Lithgow Bus
  4:55 All Saints College (Bathurst)
  4:55 Catch Bathurst Bus PM02 To Acropole - Transfer To Lithgow Bus
  5:02 Bathurst Railway Station
  5:02 Keppel, (R)Bentick, (L)Howick,
  5:02 Howick, (L)William, (L)Russell, (L)Havannah, (L)Russel, (L)Havannah, (R)Sydney Rd, (R)Littlebourne
  5:12 The Scots School (Bathurst)
  5:12 Littlebourne, (R)Sydney Rd - Great Western Highway, (L)Meadow Flat Sunny Corner , (R) Sunny Corner, (L)Lime, (R)Villiers, (L)Cox,
  5:53 (R)Vale, (R)Wolgan, (L)Wallerawang Rd - Pipers Flat Rd - Portland Rd, (R)Over Black Bridge, (L)Tweedie - Barton, (L)Great Western Hwy, (L)Reserve Rd - Turn Around, (L)Great Western Hwy,(L) Cooerwull Road, (L)Great Western Highway, (L)Main
  6:21 Lithgow Workers Club
  6:21 Special To Depot Via, (L)Tank, (R)Donald