Special School Services at 17-September-2021

Buxton Public School

For further information about school travel please contact us.


Shaded / Italicised routes require a transfer to/from another bus. (L) = Bus turns left and (R) = Bus turns right.

Bus Time Morning Bus Routes
  7:05 (L)Wonga Rd, (L)Argyle St - Remembrance Dr, (R)Bargo River Rd, (L)East Pde, (R)Over Rail Crossing (L)West - Wilson Dr, (R) Chalker Pde Over Railway Bridge Into West Pde
  7:35 Hill Top Shops
  7:35 West Pde, (R)Fitzroy Over Rail Crossing, (L)Wilson Dr, (R)Over Rail Crossing At Balmoral
  7:45 (R)Railway Pde, (R)Over Old Rail Crossing, (R)Wilson Dr - West Pde
  7:55 West Pde, (L)Boundary Rd, (R)Buxton Ave Turn Around At End Buxton Ave, (L)Boundary Rd
  8:05 (L)West Pde, (R)Over Railway Line, (R)East Pde To Buxton Shops
  8:08 Buxton Shops
  8:10 Buxton Shops - Continue Along East, Turn Around At Orange Road - Back Along East Pde, (R)Matcham Rd, (L)Grevillea Rd, (L)Wallaroo Rd, (R)East Pde, (R)Hassall Rd
  8:30 Buxton Public School
  7:55 (L)Wonga Rd, (L)Argyle St, (R)Bridge St, (R)Darley St, (L)Owen St
  8:07 Cross Railway Line At East Gates - Richardson Rd, (L)Westbourne Av, (R)Albert Av, (L)Carlton Rd, (L)Oaks St
  8:12 Thirlmere Roundabout, (L)Thirlmere Wy, (R)Remembrance Dr, (L)Picton High School
  8:21 Picton High School
  8:22 (L)Remembrance Dr, (R)Bronzewing St, (R)York, (R)Emmett,(R)Remembrance, (R)Bargo River Rd
  8:32 Bargo River Rd, (L)East Pde
  8:38 Buxton Shops - East Pde
  8:38 East Pde - Turn Around At Orange Rd - Continue Along East Pde, (R)Matcham Rd, (L)Grevillea Rd, (L)Wallaroo Rd, (R)East Pde, (R)Hassall Rd
  8:47 Buxton Public School

Bus Time Afternoon Bus Routes
  3:05 Buxton Public School
  3:05 Transfer to PM21
  3:07 2nd Bus In Line - Hassall Rd Turn Around At End Of Hassall Rd , (L)East Pde, (L)Matcham Rd, (L) Grevillea Rd, (L)Wallaroo Rd, (L)East Pde Turn Around At Orange Rd
  3:20 East Pde, (R)South St, (L)Meryla St, (R)Bargo River Rd, (L)Colo, (R)Nattai, (L)Byron, (R)Bronzewing, (L)Milne, (R)Thirlmere Way, (L)Remembrance Dr To Picton High
  3:35 Picton High School
  3:36 (R)Remembrance Dr - Argyle, (R)Prince St, (L)Lumsdaine St
  3:40 Picton Public School
  3:41 (R)Argyle St, (R)Margaret St, (R)Colden St, (R)Menangle St
  3:45 St Anthonys School
  3:45 Menangle St, (L)Argyle St, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd, (R)Davies, (L)Monds Ln, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd, (R)Abbotsford Rd, (L)Equestrian Dr, Turn Around At End, Back Along Equestrian, (L)Abbotsford Rd, Continue Along Abbotsford
  4:00 Valley View Estate, Turn Around At End Back Along Abbotsford Rd, (R)Barkers Lodge Rd
  4:10 (L)The Vintage - Turn Around At Roundabout, Back Along The Vintage, (L)Barkers Lodge Rd Through To Nolans Road
  4:25 (R)Barkers Lodge, (R)Fergusson Rd - Ruddocks, (L)Lakesland
  4:50 Arrive Depot - Complete Tasks As Per End Of Shift Procedures
  3:05 Buxton Public School
  3:05 Pick up from PM10
  3:05 Hassall Turn Around At End Of Hassal & Return -, (L)East Pde, (R)Over Railway Line At Buxton, (L)West, (R)Boundary, (R)Buxton Turn Around At End & Return Buxton, (L)Boundary, (R)West - Wilson Dr
  3:20 (L)Over Railway Line At Balmoral, (R)Railway Pde, (R)Over Railway Crossing, (R)Wilson - West Pde
  3:25 Buxton - West Pde Opposite Fire Shed - West Pde
  3:35 (R)Bargo River Rd, (L)Remembrance Dr
  3:40 Tahmoor School - Remembrance Dr,
  3:46 Picton High School
  3:52 (R)Remembrance Dr - Argyle St, (R)Menangle St
  4:02 Shire Hall - Menangle St, (R) Into Picton Railway Station
  4:05 Picton Railway Station - (L) Menangle St, (R)Colden St
  4:08 Picton Masonic Hall - Colden St, (L)Margaret St
  4:08 (R)Argyle St, (L)Regreme Rd, (R)Mallam Rd , (L)Kyeema St, (R)Weeta St, (L)Jan St, (R)Coldenham Rd, (R)Jarvisfield Rd, (L)Remembrance Dr
  4:15 Remembrance / Jarvisfield
  4:21 Razorback Lookout
  4:25 Wire Lane
  4:30 Camden Hospital
  4:33 Camden - John St
  4:38 Narellan Town Centre
  4:48 Mount Annan - Via Narellan Rd, (L)Kellicar - Hurley, (L)Into Railway
  5:01 Campbelltown Railway Station
  5:37 Mount Annan
  5:40 Narellan Town Centre
  5:48 Camden - John St
  5:50 Camden Hospital
  5:53 Wire Lane
  6:00 Razorback Lookout
  6:04 Remembrance / Jarvisfield Via Jarvisfield Estate
  6:08 Argyle / Regreme
  6:09 Shire Hall
  6:10 Picton Railway Station
  6:22 St Anthonys Bus Stop
  6:23 Redbank, (R)Thirlmere Wy
  6:24 Q V Hospital
  6:25 East Gates
  6:33 Thirlmere Roundabout
  6:35 Thirlmere / Denmead
  6:37 Thirlmere Way / Milne
  6:38 Tahmoor - Thirlmere Way Opposite Kfc
  6:44 Bargo Post Office
  6:50 Tahmoor Shops
  6:51 Remembrance / Struan Via Remembrance
  6:52 Remembrance / River
  6:55 Arrive Depot - Complete Tasks As Per End Of Shift Procedures - Alarm Mealroom & Lock Depot